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How Was Your Last Ride?

If your answer is YES to at least one question above, definitely ride with us.

  • You had to deal with your rider’s awful body odour?
  • You ended up arguing with the rider over fee?
  • You felt like you’ll be in an accident throughout the ride because of reckless driving?
  • Your ride was too expensive?
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We Care About You

Every day motorcycle taxi passengers receive an unsafe, dangerous and inconsistent experience due to the lack of professionalism and regulation in the industry. BodaDash exists to modernise the informal transportation industry by ensuring safe access to mobility.

How We Do It

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Why Use BodaDash

1. On-Demand
On-demand ride-hailing via phone call. BodaDash is the only choice when time matters.


2. Price Transparency 
Distance and time based rates shown on the website and also communicated during booking.


3. Safe
Our motorbike drivers are trained and have gone through criminal background checks.

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Our Affordable Rates

Minimum Fare: Ksh. 50

Price Per Kilometer: Ksh. 10
Price Per Minute: Ksh. 3


Cost of commuting from Lolwe to Blackberry Shop in town.

Distance travelled: 5.5km
Time taken: 13 minutes

Total Fare: (5.5 x 10) + (13 x 3) = Ksh. 94

Pro Tip:
Why pay Ksh. 150 for the same commute?

Save up to 40% of your fare by riding with us. 

What Clients Say

“Nothing beats low fare and exceptional customer service. BodaDash is amazing.” 


“This is a game changer for me. No time wasted in negotiating the fare with the rider” 


“BodaDash riders are welcoming and look presentable.” 



BodaDash  is currently available in 75% of Kisumu including Milimani, Kenya RE, Lolwe, Migosi, Polyview, Mamboleo, Kondele, Tom Mboya, Nubian, Barack Obama, Translakes, Mc Asembo, Mountain View, Arina, Robert Ouko, Ondiek, Riat Hills, Manyatta and Obunga.

BodaDash service is available Monday  – Sunday from 6.30 a.m to 6.30 p.m.

Pay with cash or M-Pesa when the ride is complete.

You can contact us through our BodaDash number +254 774 836 869. Our customer care team is ready to connect you to the next rider to get you to your destination. They are also there to help you if you have any queries.

Yes, you can book up to 7 days in advance. Contact us through our BodaDash number +254 774 836 869 and tell us more about your schedule. 

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Your ride is 10 minutes away.
Reach your destination faster and safely.